A Blueprint for Pain Education.

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Chronic pain continues to be widely under-recognised, undertreated and poorly managed. This is further exacerbated by a lack of understanding and knowledge about the best way to treat and manage the condition. Recognising the importance of early comprehensive pain education, Mundipharma believed that it was important to develop a comprehensive understanding of the current status of pain teaching for undergraduate medical students across Europe in the first instance.

Blue Dog were approached by Mundipharma to create the branding and collateral for the ‘Blueprint for Pain Education’ initiative. This was a landmark project, aiming to positively influence the future of pain management across Europe. Alongside the branding exercise, we created the APPEAL study report, which was conducted as part of Mundipharma’s pan-European initiative to raise the profile and importance of pain education. The study was designed by a multi-disciplinary Taskforce of experts under the leadership of the European Pain Federation, EFIC and funded by Mundipharma.