Chelsea Football Club


Rebranding a football giant.

The arrival of a new chairman and owner at Chelsea Football Club precipitated a challenging project to visually represent a new and exciting time at the club. The current identity had been criticised as looking tired and dated. The goal was to unveil a new Chelsea badge in 2004, along with a Centenary version to be used during the 2005-2006 season.

In 2003, Blue Dog were invited to re-design the Chelsea Football Club identity. We were commissioned to write and produce the new global brand guidelines and design various merchandise templates for global suppliers.

We quickly recognised that the fans needed a sign of stability from the new owner and chairman. Our aim was to convince them of an identity which nostalgically echoed the history of the club, whilst also looking forward to the coming seasons.

“It is an emblem that personifies not only our past but also our excitement, dedication, ambition and aspirations for the future. I think it is terrific. It is beautifully designed and we couldn’t ask for more artistically.”

Lord Attenborough 1923-2014
Chelsea Football Club’s Life Vice President

“For me, for my players, and for the people working with me who feel the responsibility of winning, I think this badge will make us even more aware of our ambition.”

Jose Mourinho
Chelsea Football Football Club