Christmas Shoot

Christmas has been and gone for another year. It was a bit warmer than we’re used to in London, but other than that it was a case of same old, same old. Apart from one GIGANTIC difference if you’re one of our lucky associates! This year instead of sending out Christmas chocolates, we thought we’d try to make a more lasting contribution to the world. While we toyed with the idea of erecting a statue in the middle of the Old Street roundabout to Blue Dog teams past and present (you know, Christmas Carol style), we realised that Christmas isn’t about us. As tongue in cheek as we have been known to be in the past, we thought that there were people out there who might benefit in a different, more meaningful way from the money we spend on those gifts. So we decided to make a donation to Shelter. Being creative types however, we thought we should give our clients something nice to let them know we were making this change to the status quo.

After calling in a few favours from our always-marvellous suppliers and friends, we were able to head into a studio to shoot the first ever Blue Dog Christmas video card.

But I’ve skipped ahead. This was not as simple as turning up and seeing what happened. Oh, if only! There were many meetings to determine the look and feel of the video, who would have creative control, who if anyone would feature in the piece. So many arguments. Not at all in the caring and sharing spirit of Christmas. We were in danger of everything turning into a bad Christmas film… Finally we settled on the look, the theme and the star. Who else, but our star performer in residence, Roman Horn.

What followed was a frantic period of sourcing and preparing the set dressings. Hands and backs were left aching, but only from hours bent over computers looking for props. Georgia, our chief set designer had many a sleepless night, worrying whether her vision for the climactic sequence would come together.

At last it was time to shoot, then the real work started. Like our own little Christmas miracle, Roman was a consummate professional throughout the day, leaving any diva behaviour at the door, as did all of the previously feuding team. Everyone pulled together working away like Santa’s little elves to create the “vision” of a Blue Dog Christmas. We laughed, we sang carols (we may have had a glass or two of mulled wine by that point), and we created our own little slice of Christmas. In November…

I’m sure you will all agree that Roman really pulled it out of the bag (as always)!

p.s. We’re not crazy; this was originally sent out on December 17th (AKA Star Wars day)…