Blue Dog in Paris

For those of you reading this who are not yet familiar with Blue Dog Christmas Getaways™, may I suggest that you first read this post on last year’s rather excellent event. All caught up now? Good!

After the, ahem, excesses of last year’s Christmas break, we felt a little beaten. How would we ever top the Eagle’s Nest and New York the year before? Was such a feat even possible? So this year, we decided not to try. This didn’t mean we were going to cancel Christmas, but we knew we were going to have to approach it differently. New York had been a great trip to an iconic city but the jet lag was a bit of a killer. Val d’Isere was amazing – the food was indulgent in the extreme, the après-ski was insane, but the whole thing left us all a little battered and bruised on our return (I know, poor us, but please stick with me, I’m going somewhere with this). So where could we visit that would have the grandeur, the architecture and the pizzazz of New York, but without the journey? Where could we go to that would have the opulence of Val d’Isere, but without the fear of injury (as I write this, I lament the fact that my thumb will never be the same after falling on our last day skiing. Opening jars is a distant memory, and the space bar on a keyboard is no longer my friend) and of writing off a member of the team? It turned out the answer was simple: Paris! Christmassy, sophisticated, to die for food, a world centre for art and design… and close. Proximity was by no means the reason we chose to visit though. Honest.

So, off we set on a Friday morning to the Eurostar terminal and after a brief and refreshing journey, we arrived at our hotel and plonked ourselves in the bar of our excellent hotel, where we would likely have been very happy all weekend. But sadly the consensus was that we should probably do a few things that we couldn’t do back in London.

Thankfully Paris did not disappoint us.

The food was outstanding; chateaubriand, seafood, snails, frogs legs; we went fully French and loved every second of it. Apart from the sea snails. Blue Dog’s recommendation would be to always avoid the sea snails. Bleurgh.


The sights were as beautiful and inspiring for a bunch of designers as you could ever wish to see. We spent hours wandering along the Seine, taking in as much of the scenery as we could.


We obviously brought an air of chic-ness that Blue Dog are renowned for to every stop along the way.



We shopped, we drank, we danced the night away… And then, after two days and nights of fantastic-ness, it was time to come home again.

The thing is, while we all love our Blue Dog Christmas Getaway™ and wouldn’t change it for a thing, at the end of it all, it isn’t the places or the activities that we come home talking about. It’s the time we spend together laughing that we always come back around to… Unfortunately those are the things that we could never post on our website, so you will have to make do with this gushing, sentimental, but ultimately genuine expression of smugness.