Meet the Dog

You may have noticed that we’ve had a bit of a makeover recently, heavily featuring our cover star – a little Italian Greyhound puppy.

We would therefore like to formally introduce you to Roman Horn. Yes, that’s Roman Horn. And yes, he shares a surname with the MD of Blue Dog, Nigel Horn. This is no coincidence.

You see, we had been searching for the perfect successor to Betty’s throne for quite a while. Being a bunch of designers, there were endless image searches and discussions about the perfect coat colour and paw size and eye shape and tail length. But none of the dogs were quite what had been in our designers visions. It was like Goldilocks and the (seventy) three pups. First the tail was too small, then the legs were too long… Until we found one that was just right. He was precisely just the dog we (and by we, I mean Nigel) had said we wanted. This was the first picture we were sent by his mum:


Who wouldn’t have fallen in love at first sight when confronted with that? Seriously, when since Penelope Cruz have you seen a set of peepers like that!? Never. That’s when.

Well, it turns out that Nigel was not immune to those eyes either. The day of the shoot rolled around and we were all very excited to meet the new Blue Puppy. Nigel headed off to the studio with Matt who was overseeing the video shoot and Chris who was there to take some stills of the day and communication with the studio went dead. After a couple of hours, we couldn’t really wait any longer and a few more of the team door-stepped the studio.

Maybe we should have seen it coming, but everyone was pretty taken aback by the sight that met us:


But the pup was on a break. Surely these guys were just flirting between takes? This would all pass once this actor, a fickle show-pup, got back to work, surely? How wrong we were.

Within 10 minutes of the shoot recommencing, Nigel was on the phone to Mrs. Horn, talking about their new Blue Dog. How he felt like it was meant to be – they couldn’t let him go. It was fate! Kismet! But this is why Nigel married Mrs. Horn – she’s the level-headed, sensible one. She wouldn’t agree to adopt a puppy she’d never met, based on the ramblings of, well, Nigel, would she? Wrong again.

By the time we got back to work on the Monday morning, it had been decided by the family Horn that this dog was meant to stay. Not only had he been selected from what seemed like a million other pups according to the exacting specifications laid down by Nigel, but there were little things that had stuck with him – like the fact that he was an Italian greyhound and they had married in Italy! The fact that his mother’s pedigree name included “Dirty Dancing”, only one of Mrs. Horn’s favourite films of all times. And finally, but probably least significantly, they had been discussing getting a dog for quite a few weeks before this and it fit the bill…

All of that is by the by though. The dog stayed. Nigel’s children are beyond happy with the new addition to the family (named Roman after the city Nigel and Lindsay were married in) and the rest of the team at Blue Dog can’t wait until he’s old enough to come into the studio and help us all out with our work.


Long may he reign as the new (figure)head of Blue Dog!