Meet the Dog

You may have noticed that we’ve had a bit of a makeover recently, heavily featuring our cover star – a little Italian Greyhound puppy. We would therefore like to formally introduce you to Roman Horn. Yes, that’s Roman Horn. And yes, he shares a surname with the MD of Blue Dog, Nigel Horn. This is

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Blue Dog in Val d’Isère

This was no ordinary Christmas party. This was a Blue Dog Christmas Party. Before you start thinking that we’re descending into the (fully decent) M&S ad stylee, don’t worry, we’re not. But a Blue Dog Christmas Party is usually pretty special, and this year was no different… After much discussion (this is likely to become

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Dogs on a Plane

November 2014 saw the motion design and production team visit the United States for what was hopefully the first of many trips across the Atlantic. It’s not all Eggs Benedict breakfasts and killer rats on 5th you know. So what exactly did we get up to then…? Thursday 20th of November: Touch down at JFK airport, make the short trip across

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